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Bill My Calls

This page explains how to use a Cisco ATA 186 (SIP version) to access Bill My Calls.

  • Pick a booth

    Callshop biller

  • Getting started

    The first step in getting your online call shop billing service is to sign-up for an account online

    Account sign-up >>

  • Control panels

    Once you have an account, click on the link below to sign in to your online call shop billing system.

    Log-in to your biller >>

Configuration guidelines

Log into the administrative page of the gateway and make the following settings:
  • UID0 = [anything, but not 0]
  • UID1 = [anything, but not 0]
  • UseLoginID = 1
  • UseSIP  =  1
  • SIPRegOn = 1
  • GkOrProxy  =
  • AudioMode = 0x00000000
  • ConnectMode = 0x00060003
  • LBRCodec = 0
  • RxCodec  =  0
  • TxCodec  =  0
  • NumTxFrames = 1
  • Set LoginID0 and LoginID1 to be your Bill My Calls account number
  • Set PWD0 and PWD1 to be your Bill My Calls password
  • CallCmd = BS;NA;H*99;xA;Df;H;
  • Click Apply.

Please note that each booth in your shop must have a unique UID value.

Test calls

We offer a simple test facility on our servers that you are welcome to use.  To call it, configure your software or hardware dialler to send calls to Bill My Calls, and then dial 123.  You should hear a test announcement.  If you hear this, then your equipment is set up correctly and you should be able to use Bill My Calls.

There is an additional test service on 124.  This plays the same announcement, but without using NAT penetration.  This can be a useful test of whether your account requires a NAT Penetration service.  Click here for more information on NAT penetration.

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